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1. Introduction

1.1 In using the website at https://SoloTravelPricingTracker.net (the “Website”) , you must thereby accept these Terms of Service (the “Agreement”).

1.2 You warranty that you are at least 18 years of age to use the Website.

1.3 Solo Trekker 4 U, LLC, Solo Travel Pricing Tracker and Solo Travel Pricing TrackerTM Premium (the “Company”) receives only limited personal information from its Website users  (“Members”) but acknowledges the need to protect Members’ privacy as stated in the separate Privacy Policy available for your review on the Website.

2. Limited License

2.1 THE COMPANY hereby grants Members a limited license to access and use the Website in keeping with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

2.2 Accordingly, THE COMPANY owns and retains all rights to the Website’s intellectual property, including but not limited to its trademarks and copyrighted materials. Use of our name or trademarks without our permission may result in a claim for infringement.

2.3 Users may view the Website and print or download portions therein for their own personal non-commercial usage.

2.4 The limited license provided under this Agreement does not permit Users to:

· Sell or republish Website content;

· Make public distribution of content;

· Utilize content for a commercial purpose;

· Modify or edit Website content.

3. Allowed Usages

3.1 Members may only use the Website in ways that are lawful and that do not cause damage to the Website or block others access.

3.2 Such allowed usage prohibits: (a) the use of malicious computer software, viruses, spyware or any other practice that will cause damage to the Website (b) sending of unsolicited emails to other Members or (c) data mining, marketing or related usage in any form absent our written consent.

4. Members’ Rights, Obligations and Conditions

4.1 Unlimited access to the Website is currently available without the requirement for registration or creation of a password.

4.2 Notwithstanding the foregoing, The Company cannot guaranty that information transmitted to it and/or its providers via the Internet will be confidential.

4.3 Members must at all times be in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations which will vary by jurisdiction.

5. Limitations of Liability

5.1 THE COMPANY is not liable for any service disruptions, damages to hardware or software as a result of using the Website.

5.2 Information on the Website from providers has not been generated by THE COMPANY or confirmed or edited by us. Accordingly, we cannot guaranty or warranty its accuracy or completeness nor its fitness for the purpose offered.

5.3 Solo Travel Pricing Tracker cannot be held liable for actions of third parties, including the failure to deliver services and related losses. Each service provider is a separate legal entity not under the ownership or control of THE COMPANY.

5.4 In using the Website, you acknowledge that THE COMPANY is not liable for actions of third parties and the services they offer or provide.

5.5 As travel can result in loss of property, accidents, illness or other injury, each Member in using the Website must make their own determination as to what, if any, safety precautions they should take or whether travel should be deferred or cancelled. In using the Website, you acknowledge that THE COMPANY is not liable for any of the foregoing.


6.1 THE COMPANY disclaims any liability as to the accuracy, completeness, reliability or availability of third party content provided on its Website. Accordingly, such content is offered “as is” without warranty.

6.2 It is each Member’s responsibility to review carefully all travel offerings and to undertake verification of the providers’ background and details of the offerings before booking such travel.

6.3 Member in using the Website waives any claims against THE COMPANY as to such service, including but not limited to delays or failures to perform as well as for any indirect or consequential damages and/or legal fees.

6.4 Member agrees to hold harmless and Indemnify THE COMPANY from any third-party claims as to your use of the Website or services offered thereunder, including but not limited to damages, litigation/court costs and attorneys’ fees.

7. Jurisdiction

7.1 This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the United States of America and the District of Columbia without regard to any consideration of conflicts of law.

8. Severability

8.1 If any portion of this Agreement shall be determined to be invalid, the remainder of the Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

9. Notices

9.1 Any notice to THE COMPANY or other communication under this Agreement shall be given in writing and be delivered in person, by first-class U.S. mail or by email (subject to confirmation of receipt), at the email address set forth below:


10. Entire Agreement

10.1 This Agreement represents the complete agreement between THE COMPANY and the Member as to the transactions and matters herein. The Agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties, heirs, successors and assigns.

10.2 This Agreement may be modified from time to time without notice. It is the Member’s obligation to be familiar with such changes as posted on this Website from time to time.

10.3 Any waivers of rights under the Agreement must be in writing in order to be enforceable.

11. Assignment and Delegation

11. 1 The Member’s rights under this Agreement are not assignable.

11.2 The Member’s obligations under this Agreement cannot be delegated.

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