Privacy Policy

Solo Travel Pricing Tracker Premium


This privacy policy states how we collect and retain data and your rights as to your personal information. Solo Trekker 4 U, Solo Travel Pricing Tracker and Solo Travel Pricing TrackerTM Premium (“the Company”) are committed to addressing the concerns of those using its website at Solo Travel Pricing Tracker (the “Website”) or subscribing to its updates, special offers or newsletter (“Members”). Accordingly, you may contact us via email at as to privacy issues. We will respond as quickly as possible. Submission of personal date is voluntary.

1. Information We Collect

1.1 When you sign-up for the newsletter, certain personal information provided for subscription is collected and retained. This can also include your IP address, type of operating system and other details related to technology.

1.2 Although you are transferred to a third party provider (“Provider”) participating in our network (“Provider Network”), certain information may be transmitted back to The Company.

1.3 The Website uses cookies and other electronic means to receive and track data. Your web browser can be adjusted to accept or reject cookies. In becoming a Member of The Company you acknowledge and accept that cookies and other such electronic devices are present in the Website.

2. How We Use Collected Personal Data

2.1 Data Transfer and Storage

We are based in the United States in the District of Columbia. The laws relating to data retention and storage may likely differ in other localities according to each jurisdiction’s requirements.

2.2 Receipt of Personal Data from Third Parties

As stated above, we may receive data from third parties including members of our Provider Network.

2.3 Purpose of Our Collecting/Retaining Personal Data

· To run the Website

· To connect with travel Providers

· To provide customer service and to improve the quality of our offerings to you

· To research and review ways to enhance the Website and its offerings

· To promote new opportunities

· To contact you via email

· To meet any legal requirements

3. Release of Personal Data

3.1 Disclosures may be made for the following purposes:

· With your permission to provide third party services

· To fulfill the connections between travelers and Providers pursuant to the Website

· To comply with legal requirements

· To meet with business or other requirements in relation to offerings to investors or a sale of assets/the company

· To implement the Website

4. Safeguarding Your Confidential Data

4.1 We will undertake to protect your information from inadvertent disclosure or inappropriate use of your data. Our web host utilizes SSL technology. Nonetheless, Internet transmissions are subject to intrusions by third parties.

5. Changes to Our Policy

5.1 We may make changes to this policy in the future. Accordingly, from time to time, you may wish to review this online privacy policy. If you have questions or concerns, as noted above, please contact us at: