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Ski in June Enjoy Top Fishing or Relax in a Spa: for a solo travl vacation

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Please note our Solo Travel Pricing Tracker provides three options:

1. You can make a selection in each drop down menu for “Location Area”, “Tours” or trip type and “Supplement Pricing Type”.  You will receive 5-6 exact matches. 

2. You can enter a “Location Area” only and No Preference on “Tours” or trip type and “Supplement Pricing Type”. That will give a very detailed geographic listing, up to 170+, of our previously reviewed travel providers with no to low single supplements for one Location, such as Europe.

3. You can take a blended approach by specifying a “Location Area” and either a “Tour” or trip type or “Supplement Pricing Type”. By combining 2 out of the 3 search terms, the result can give a detailed but streamlined list of approximately 25-26 responses that are a fit.  The choice is up to you!

How Does the Solo Travel Pricing Tracker Work?

This is a user-friendly basic approach that gives solos an easy way to search by destination and type of trip linked with five different solo pricing styles.


Our eight broad destinations cover the globe from the Polar Regions to Oceania and from Europe to Asia, North and South America.

25+ Tour/Lodging Types:

We have something for everyone from off the beaten path to popular European capitals and from relaxing beach escapes to exciting zip lining above a rainforest. Here is an overview of the categories:

Active Trips and Adventures

Age Groups-Seniors and “Younger” Travelers

Budget and Luxury

Cruises and Land Packages


Faith-Based Europe-Mideast

Food and Wine

Hotel-Lodging for Solo Prices


Safaris and Ecotours-Not Just Africa

Single Parent Travel

Solos and Singles Trips

Special  Interests (e.g., Photography, Music and Art)


Women’s Tours


5 Solo Travel Pricing Methods:

  1. No single supplement specials-Book far in advance since these limited spaces go fast.
  2. Lower or reduced single supplements-They vary by destination and underlying lodging prices.
  3. Sharing to avoid a single supplement-Absent a match, there may still be a single supplement.
  4. Solo-priced lodging/cabins-Check if the offer is for “single” rooms or solo-priced standard rooms.
  5. Single parent offerings-We only found these in Europe. Terms do vary so take a look at what is covered.

How to Use our Easy Solo Travel Search Tool:


A Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Select a Location.
  2. Click on the Type of Tour/Trip that you works for you.
  3. Run your search using different Supplement Pricing options. (For example, on a tented safari in Africa, would you be willing to share to avoid a single supplement?)
  4. In the list of results, see if you have any preferred providers?
  5. Hit the Search button and you are on your way!

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Select Helpful Links:

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African Safaris:

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Budget Travel:

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Carbon Footprint:

Customized Tours and Top Global Research:

Insight Guides

General Information:

Urban Adventures


Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday


Man Tripping


High 50 Travel

RV Travel

Finding a Travel Buddy:

Travel Mates: Tourlina


Wanderlust and Lipstick

Younger Travelers:

Tours for Younger Travelers


Other than in English:

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