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Elizabeth Avery

As a teenager, I took my first solo travel abroad joining a volunteer community project in Trinidad and Tobago. However, my first lengthy solo travel in my home country of the US was as a college student spending 5 weeks by bus making my way from Washington, DC to southern California. Since then, my passion for solo travel, especially adventure travel, has taken me to all 50 US states and 68+ countries from the world’s major capitals to the byways of Rarotonga and small West African islands. Although it has been a great journey, I quickly discovered that we solo travelers generally pay a hefty surcharge in contrast to pairs and groups. To make matters worse, as a single traveler, we may not get access to top quality whatever the charge. To address this problem, we launched in 2012 with our network of pre-approved travel providers for better pricing and options for those traveling alone. In 2017, we created our first solo search tool, the Solo Travel Pricing TrackerTM.. In 2020, we are very excited to be launching our free, expanded premium version. The Solo Travel Pricing TrackerTM Premium gives single travelers an even better way to identify and access pricing with no (or low) single supplements. Please visit us often, and take advantage of our user-friendly, Solo Travel Pricing TrackerTM Premium, as we work to make available better purchasing power for the solo travel community!