Established in 2012

In Sept. 2020, we are launching a free, updated version of our solo search tool, the SoloTravelPricingTracker™ Premium. It is easier to use and provides direct access to solo-priced tour operators and hotels/lodgings.

Solo travelers pay too much too often with travel services based on two travelers, families or groups.

In addition, as a “group of one”, it may not be easy to get access to top quality.

How Can You Find the Best Solo Travel Deals?

The Internet has millions of listings making it hard to identify the best deals for solo travelers looking for tours and lodging. For example, if you search for “Africa”, “safari” and “no single supplement”, you will get up to 2 million results. There is no way to compare those options. Worse yet, not all of those give you an easy way to find out what the single supplement is in dollars and cents (or Euros) and what would be the extra percentage charge for a solo traveler.

As a long-time solo traveler, I launched Solo Trekker 4 U in 2012 to find better deals for individual travelers. In 2017, we launched the original version of our unique, solo search tool, the Solo Travel Pricing TrackerTM.

Elizabeth Avery

our Mission

From the start, our goal has been finding the best solo-priced tour operators and lodging for a wide range of budgets and travel styles. As part of that mission, we are continuing to provide those traveling alone with two key free services:

1. Travel tips and advice based on 50 years of solo travel available without charge at SoloTrekker4U.com and our budget-friendly solo travel ebooks available at a modest charge at Amazon.com.

2. One of a kind, solo travel search tool. While prices have improved from the days of 50% single supplements, single travelers still face a penalty when it comes to pricing. The worst case scenario comes about when couples/pairs get advance booking specials. When I traveled to Asia on a top tour for $7,500, pairs booking paid $5,000 each. When I arrived, I was really surprised to learn that the advance booking special for two travelers was $2,500 per person!

While select providers offer no to low single supplement pricing, it is still important to book early since such deals may be limited in number and fill quickly.

(Please note that in some cases, we may receive advertising, referral or promotional fees. While Solo Trekker 4 U and SoloTravelPricingTracker™ Premium offer travel tips, destinations, tour packages and hotels, travelers must be responsible for their own personal safety and protect themselves against injury or property loss while on travel. By accessing Solo Trekker 4 U and SoloTravelPricingTracker™ Premium’s websites, newsletters and social media/other means of communications, each traveler agrees to the foregoing.)

How to Use our Solo Travel Search Tool:

SoloTravelPricingTracker™ Premium

A Step-by-Step Guide:

Find the right tour operator covering 20,000+ trips:

1. Select a Location.

2. Click on the Type of Tour/Trip that you works for you.

3. Run your search using different Supplement Pricing options. (For example, on a tented safari in Africa, would you be willing to share to avoid a single supplement?)

4. In the list of results, see if you have any preferred providers?

5. Click the travel providers’ links to connect directly with a tour operator for options available and booking.

Find the right hotel/lodging:

1. Select a Location.

2. Click on a Country or Type of Hotel/Lodging that works for you.

3. Run your search using the Pricing dropdown for “Solo-Priced Rooms and Cabins”.

4. Click the hotel/lodging link to connect directly with a property for details and booking.


Providing those traveling alone with access to solo-priced and other budget-friendly tour operators and hotels/lodging.


Enabling solo travelers with economic solutions to travel the world.