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The Solo Travel Pricing Tracker Premium

Welcome to our free, unique search tool, the Solo Travel Pricing TrackerTM Premium. Are you tired of paying too much and finding an avalanche of 2 million responses on Internet searches for solo-priced travel which still don’t get you to the best prices? Try our user-friendly way to access, and connect directly with, no to low single supplement travel providers and solo-priced and other budget-friendly lodging options.

Whether your idea of a great vacation for singles is relaxing at a world-class beach or viewing the top museums of Europe, our Solo Travel Pricing TrackerTM Premium will give you an easy way to find and connect directly with solo-priced providers and well-priced quality so you can save.  Click the “Premium Search” tab at the top of the Home Page for two separate ways to find and connect with solo-friendly travel providers: 1. tour operators and 2. hotels/lodging. Visit us often!

Solo Travel Pricing Tracker

Your Solo Travel Partner.

For tours:

You can search combining: (i) a geographic region, (ii) a type of trip from safaris to cultural-historic tours and (iii) five types of solo-pricing.

5 Solo Travel Pricing Methods:

1. No single supplement specials

2. Lower or reduced single supplements

3. Sharing to avoid a single supplement

4. Solo-priced lodging/cabins

5. Single parent offerings-We only found these in Europe. Terms do vary so take a look at what is covered.



For hotels/bed and breakfasts/lodging:

You can search combining: (i) a broad geographic region, (ii) lodging types from budget to luxury properties or target specific country destinations, such as France or Italy and (iii) solo-priced rooms.

The latter include:

(i) single rooms or studios

(ii) standard rooms priced lower for “one adult” rather than having a set price for “one room”

(iii) budget-friendly lodging that we have identified as a good value for the quality and location even absent a special discount.

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